Shuck’s 1 1/2″ Jigger Minnow (Pilke)



Made in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes, Shuck’s Lures takes great
pride in bringing you the finest hand-made fishing tackle available. 
Perfect for Perch, Yellow Bass, Bluegill

The White w/ Red Head is an “Exclusive” made by Charlie & Bev Schuck for Kabele’s Trading Post. The white red head is a perfect lure for fishing not only the Iowa Great Lakes, but Clear Lake, IA, South Dakotas & North Dakotas. Color combination was designed by Kabele’s owner Thane Johnson. Sold exclusively at Kabele’s Trading Post in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

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Silver, Red/Silver, Gold, Orange/Gold, Green Chart/Gold, Orange/Chartreuse, Firetiger, Yellow Darter, Glow, Glow Chartreuse, Glow Green Perch, Glow Pink, Blue/Silver, Black/Silver, Blue/Gold, Black/Gold, Gold Perch, Green/Chartreuse, Pumpkinseed, Fire Perch, Glow Blue, Glow Perch, Glow Rainbow, Glow Blue Orange, Kabele's Exclusive Red/White, Pink Panty, Purple w Blue Flake, Wonder Glow

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