MarCum Mission SD Underwater Viewing System


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Designed for Total System Performance

The Mission SD combines MarCum’s exclusive relative direction, depth and temperature readings of the camera with the Sony Super HAD II enhanced optics system. With seventy-five feet of Kevlar reinforced cable and our exclusive H2D Solar Intelligent Display, the Mission SD delivers an underwater camera system designed for Total System Performance.

Sony Super HAD II CCD the most powerful lowlight capable image sensor produces unmatched image quality. 7”, 800 x 480, High resolution flat panel LCD delivers superior screen detail. Solar Intelligent Technology offers 100% daylight view-ability. Color Kill Technology affords the best possible image in color and black and white. On-Screen Display Technology delivers critical information on the monitor: Relative Direction, Temp, Depth, and Battery Status. Relative direction On-screen arrow indicator displays the direction that the camera is pointing.

7″ Widescreen Vivid Display • Video Out • Hi-Res Color LCD • Solar Intelligent Technology
800 x 480 Pixels
Sony Super HAD II CCD • 1/3″ Image Sensor • .01 Lux Camera • Darkwater LED Lighting • Down View Stabilizer Fin • 75 ft. Camera Cable
Relative Direction, Temp, Depth, Battery Status, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Color Kill
Sunshield • 12-volt, 9-amp Battery • 3-Stage Battery Charger • Soft Pack Shuttle
1-Year Warranty

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