13 Fishing Tickle Stick



We made the OG better… again. The Tickle Stick has been a strong staple in the 13 Fishing Lineup for a long time. We’ve dosed it with some techy features that bring the flat tipped wonder up to our expectations. PC2 (Parallel Composite Construction) linear fibers allowed 13 to create the industries first flat tip ice rod which does two things: increases the angler’s ability to detect ascending and descending strikes. The flat tip also adds extreme rigidity to the blank by preventing the rod from rolling over resulting in perfect hook-sets. Elevate your game to excellence.

Key Features
PC2 Flat Tip Blank Construction
Hi-Vis Tip
Custom Evolve Reel Seat
ALPS Thin Wire Guides

Additional information


23 SUL, 23 UL, 23 L, 27 UL, 27 L

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