Custom Jigs and Spins Ratso 2 Pack


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A Super Soft ultra-slim Finesse Plastic body on a precision leadhead jig catches slab-sized panfish when conventional methods fail. Catch trophy-sized panfish without live bait with this unique finesse lure when conventional methods fail.

Ice Fishing

The Ratso gives a horizontal presentation similar to that of a small minnow. The life-like Finesse Plastic tail is constantly on the move and is all that is needed, since the Ratso should be used as is, without live bait.
In shallow water situations, use a dark house and peer down the hole. A bright headed Ratso jig that can be easily seen is best used in this situation. When the head disappears…set the hook!

Open Water

The size 10 Ratso is pure dynamite when bluegill are not feeding; a small Ratso dangled in front of their nose is hard to resist.

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Pink, Purple Glitter, Black, Yellow Chartreuse, Red, Pink / White, Crawdaddy, Motor Oil, Cotton candy, Pearltreuse, Smoke Glitter, Hot Orange

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