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Custom Jigs & Spins saw that the demand for high quality Tungsten jigs was going unfilled at a “reasonable” price so that they could be available to all anglers, instead of the few pros out there willing to pay any price for Tungsten, so it was a natural progression for us at Custom Jigs & Spins to introduce our own line of 100% Tungsten Jigs. We acquired the jig making talents of world renowned Croatian ice fisherman, Chekai Matan (Poppee’s nephew) to design this unique line-up of one of a kind Tungsten Heavy Metal Jigs! We use only the highest quality Components including Owner Hooks in our new Heavy Metal Series of Tungsten Jigs.
Chekai (Check-Eye) – Available in 12 HOT colors combinations and 4 sizes, the Checkai jig is made from 100% pure TUNGSTEN so it falls quick and shows up big on locators. You will get a ton of action from this compact jig that is a great choice for all Panfish species! This is a GO-TO MONEY JIG that will fill a bucket fast! Large eyes, a concave face and smooth rounded sides offer precise jigging action that Panfish anglers crave throughout the world.

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10, 12, 14, 16


Clown, Black White, Purple Glow, Fire Tiger, Blue Glow, Gold, Pink Glow, Pink Tiger Glow

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