13 Fishing Mini-Quatro


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Designed for ice fishing, this bait is infused with 13 Fishing’s “Donkey Sauce,” a proprietary formulation of amino acids and proteins that stimulate feeding and aggression in predatory game fish.13 Fishing’s Ice Plastics Mini Quatro features four long arms that wiggle at the slightest hint of movement, making it ideal for high-finesse presentations. Unique action, details and scent tempt strikes out of the wariest panfish and trout.
Donkey Sauce infused
Pyramidal appendages
Ultra-fine HD detail
10 times tougher
Qty. per Pack: 6

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Bubble Gum, Black Magic, Cherry Bomb, Greenhead, Potentially Purple, Purple Rain, Radioactive Pickle, Snozberry, White No.1, Whiskey Sour

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