Water Gremlin Snap-Loc Sinker


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Water Gremlin’s Snap-Loc® is one of the world’s most versatile, easy-to-use sinkers. It works great for bottom or drift fishing. Snap-Loc’s® patented eye snaps on and off your line. There’s no twisting, tying, fuss or line damage.

The Snap-Loc® eye allows you to snap the sinker on the line for free-line fishing. With Snap-Loc® sliding free on the line, it will go to the bottom. The fish can now take your bait without feeling the sinker weight. Snap-Loc® can also be snapped into the eye of the swivel to make twist-proof trolling rigs.

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10, 7 Pack 1/8th oz, 9, 6 pack 3/16th oz, 8, 5 pack 1/4 oz, 7, 5 pack 3/8th oz, 6 4 pack 1/2 oz, 5, 3 pack 3/4 oz, 4, 3 pack 1 oz, 3, 2 pack 1 3/4 oz


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