Water Gremlin Low Profile Slip Sinker


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Water Gremlin’s super hard Low Profile™ Slip-Sinkers are so tough they won’t dent up when banged on the rocks. The perfectly rounded hole stays round with no jagged edges, so it doesn’t fray your line.

With a full-length streamlined shape and concave base that covers the nose of the worm, the Low Profile™ is uniquely designed for going after hard-to-get-at bass. The Gremlin’s Low Profile™ allows your rig to sneak through weeds, moss and brush, minimizing tangles and hang-ups. The Low Profile™ also works great when used with a live bait rig when going after walleyes in the weeds.

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1, 14 pack 1/8th oz, 2, 12 pack 3/16th oz, 3, 11 pack 1/4 oz, 4, 9 pack 5/16th oz

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