Water Gremlin Bull Shot Sinker


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BULL•SHOT™ is the Gremlin’s unique BULLet shaped split shot. It’s the easy, effective way to add a little weedless weight to your line.

BULL•SHOT™ works great for finesse fishing or split shottin’. It’s as easy to use as our good old Split Shot and weedless as any slip sinker.

Like our Split Shot, BULL•SHOT™ is made from squeezable soft lead and has an S-curved jaw that grips the line without damage. Squeeze it on with your fingers, pry open with a thumbnail. No tools or teeth needed.

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1, 48 pack 1/32 oz, 2, 20 pack 1/16th oz, 3, 14 pack 1/8th oz, 4, 12 pack 3/16th oz, 5, 10 pack 1/4 oz, 7, 7 pack 1/2 oz

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