Terminator® T-1 Titanium Twin Spin


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Terminator® T-1 Titanium Twin Spin

Produces fish-enticing flash, vibration and color
Sturdy titanium frame with dual Terminator blades
Changeable premium silicone skirt
Super-sharp VMC hook

Drop it like a jig or retrieve it like a spinnerbait, the drop, flash and vibration this lure produces will bring fish aggressively charging in. The patented SnapBack™ titanium frame is one of the truest running and longest lasting around. A pair of Terminator-exclusive beveled Oklahoma blades generate flash and vibration that gets the attention of fish in the area and team with enticing colors to seal the deal. QuickSkirt® changeable premium silicone skirt. Premium VMC® Needle Point hook.

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Chartreuse, White, Yellow Perch, Red Craw


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