Salmo Bullhead BD6SDR 2.5″


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You would think everyone would have a Bullhead or Goby imitation, but they dont! Too bad, because Salmo knows that fish just love to eat them. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and trout eagerly grab the Salmo Bullhead. The unique, flat head design and shape gives the Bullhead a great wobble action for such a small profile bait. Available in floating and sinking models as well as Super Deep Runners. The only secret here is to get the Bullhead of choice down to the fishtheyll know what to do with it.

The largest Bullhead, the Bullhead 8 is a dead ringer for the Goby that has been found in the great lakes and the bass and walleye love to eat them too! The Bullhead is individually tank tested and tuned to run straight right out of the box. This is a feature of all Salmo crankbaits and is one of the many reasons Salmo lures catch more fish.

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Bullhead, Hot Bullhead, Hot Perch, Fire and Ice


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