Arbogast Hula Popper


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With its concave mouth the Hula Popper creates a deep, throaty popping sound and bubble trail that has enticed aggressive strikes from all types of gamefish for decades. The hula skirt provides an extra measure of enticing flash and action. This lure should be fished in slow jerks giving the fish a chance to react to its unique sound and action and is an all time favorite for largemouth bass. It is one of the best lures you can use to pull fish out from under heavy cover to the surface. The slower you fish it, the further it will pull fish to the surface. The frog and coach dog patterns have been consistent fish producers when fished around all types of cover.

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G750 5/8th oz, G760 3/8th oz, G770 1/4 oz


White/ Red Head, Black, Yellow, Perch, Frog/White Belly, Fire Tiger


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