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Custom Jigs and Spins’ Slender Spoon, the unique and highly sought after ice fishing spoon with its erratic, slow flutter on the fall action, has long been a secret weapon employed by savvy anglers targeting perch, crappie and walleye on bodies of water across the Midwest. “The tougher the bite or more heavily pressured the fish are… the better the Slender Spoon seems to work. The way they flutter on the drop is really very different than anything else available and it triggers fish to eat when other spoons come up goose eggs” says James Holst, ice fishing authority and host of In-Depth Outdoors TV show.

Bob Gillispie, owner of Custom Jigs and Spins had this to add “the Slender Spoon is one of our most popular ice lures and has been available in a wide range of sizes from 1/16 oz. to 5/16 oz and in a selection of metallic colors that included gold, silver, nickel and copper but we’ve never offered a painted version.”

That is, until now.

Custom Jigs and Spins has announced the release of their NEW Pro Series Slender Spoons. This new version of the Slender Spoon will initially be available in the highly popular 1/8 and 1/4 ounce sizes and “will come dressed out in some of the most highly detailed fish-catching patterns we’ve ever put on an ice fishing lure” offered Gillispie. “Our goal with this new Pro Series was to give anglers the color patterns they need and have been asking for on our popular Slender Spoon body. We’re also upgrading the hooks to the wickedly sharp VMC Spark Point which is one of the stickiest hooks we’ve ever tested.”

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Nickel Baby Walleye, Nickel Electric Perch, Nickel Fire Tiger, Nickel Pink Tiger, Gold Purple Tiger, Nickel Sour Apple, Nickel Vampire


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