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The horizontal presentation of the Rat Finkee makes it a universal lure for all species of fish. A fine balanced lead head with a plastic body molded over a gold hook makes the Rat Finkee one of the most effective jigs ever created. The Rat Finkee is one of Custom Jigs and Spins signature lures that has never been successfully duplicated.
Ice Fishing

Fished shallow or deep, the Ratfinkee is hard to beat! The size 12 Rat Finkee is probably the most effective lure for big bluegill in shallow water. The size 10 Rat Finkee is by far the most popular of all the Rat Finkee sizes and can be fished as deep as 20 feet with 2 lb. test line.

The Rat Finkee works well with either a waxworm or spikes and shows up nicely on a locator, because of the heavy head. The size 8 Rat Finkee is a good choice for crappie since the hook will accept a small minnow. The size 6 Rat Finkee is perfect for larger fish or active perch and panfish. It will easily fish to 30 feet as will the size 4 Rat Finkee, which is a top choice for walleye and other gamefish. It also works well under a tip-up since it can be used to present the bait in a horizontal profile.
Open Water

Rat Finkees are very effective lures for open water fishing, whether it’s for shallow water bluegill, river trout or walleye. Since fish are more aggressive in open water, a size 8 Rat Finkee should be used on fish that would go for Rat Finkee 12s through the ice. Crappie respond well to size 6 Rat Finkees dressed with minnows, suspended below slip floats. In fact, they will perfectly balance many floats because of their 1/32-ounce weight.

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