13 Fishing Descent Ice Reel


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13 Fishing Descent Ice Reel
Lightweight, strong and sensitive graphite soft-touch frame
Drop speed control works well with even the lightest jigs
Smooth five-stainless-steel-ball-bearing system
Convenient dead stick bait alarm
Featuring a graphite soft-touch frame, 13 Fishing Descent Ice Reel allows you to feel the softest bites. Drop speed control lets you sink the lightest jigs with exceptional precision without worrying about line twist. Five stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth operation, while an aluminum handle with a star drag make it easy to put consistent pressure on large fish. Dead-stick-bait alarm lets you know when a fish starts running with your bait. Instant anti-reverse provides solid hooksets, while a 2.7:1 gear ratio ensures rapid line pickup. Built-in fender. Left- or right-hand retrieve.

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