2014 Walleye Weekend Results

By May 5, 2014 Fishing Report

2014 Walleye Weekend Results
Heaviest Walleye

3rd Place: Rick Menken, Spirit Lake, 8.25 lbs
2nd Place: Mark Tullis, Spirit Lake, 8.44 lbs
1st Place: Craig Lockey, Milford, 8.69 lbs
Heaviest Stringer of (3) Walleye
3rd Place: Anthony Verzani, Sioux City, 10 lbs
2nd Place: James Hubbard, Spencer, 11.5 lbs
1st Place: Michael Burley, Omaha, 11.8 lbs
Heaviest Northern
3rd Place: Brennan Carpenter, Sioux City, 5.79 lbs
2nd Place: Joe Buckley, Omaha, 5.94 lbs
1st Place: Craig Ver Huel, Ankeny, 7.1 lbs
Heaviest Stringer of (5) Panfish
3rd Place: Cody Blau, Wahpeton, 4.96 lbs
2nd Place: Shane Newgard, Terril, 5.43 lbs
1st Place: Rod Blau, Wahpeton, 6.76 lbs
Heaviest Stringer of (10) Bullheads
3rd Place: Josh Toft, Royal, 13.58 lbs
2nd Place: Brennan Carpenter, Sioux City, 13.9 lbs
1st Place: Beau Carpenter, Sioux City, 14.08 lbs
Heaviest Bass
3rd Place: Jordan Longtin, Devils Lake, ND, 4.34 lbs
2nd Place: David Isom, Sioux City, 4.34 lbs
1st Place: Bryan Roberson, Cherokee, 5.54 lbs

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