05.07.14 Hotdiggity Dog Bite

By May 7, 2014 Fishing Report

Right at dark & after on Big Spirit Lake… this is what we call a “Hot Dog Bite” & that was last night, when the Walleyes will take what is thrown at them. Making sure some of the favorites we carry at Kabele’s are working… these biters were wanting Berkley Ripple Shads, Trigger X Paddle Minnows, & R.C. Hair Jigs & either a VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig Head OR a Crystaleyes Jig Head, color is personal preference. Find a shoreline, or off the dock, no hot spot specific right now! We have not heard much on a day bite yet. Kyle works tonight, Brandon works the next 3, so stop in & see if you can get any info!
We are still cleaning Bullheads. Stop in a grab our Kabele’s Cherry Bombs (No Swallow Hooks) & a couple dozen Nightcrawlers & head up to Big Spirit on The Grade!
If you are wanting Panfish, Bluegills, and Crappies, continue on West Okoboji Trestle, Canals, Harbor, Upper Gar. We still have been cleaning A LOT of panfish! We have exactly what you need in stock!
See ya in the shop for more info, bait & tackle!










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