By April 25, 2014 Fishing Report

What a beautiful Friday minus the wind. I don’t get the wind? The fishing continues to be good for Bluegills, Crappies, and now picking up Bullheads & a few Yellow Bass. Kyle went out & had a great day yesterday fishing even though it was rainy. He is pictured with our 2014 Kabele’s t, which roccccccccccks by the way. Sizes Small-3XL. For fishing Bullheads at The Grade on Big Spirit Lake a lot of guys us Kabele’s “No Swallow” Hooks -.99 cents & Night Crawlers. Fishing the Crappies & Bluegills this time of year, best to use R.C. panfish hair jigs, Krazy Krappie Jigs, Crystaleyes Crappie Jigs, waxworm or wiggler. Some days they want a small crappie minnow on a bobber! Some are using Ratsos (Stop in for HOT COLORS!) as well. Make sure to use small bobbers! Some will use R.C. tube jigs or Northland Tube Jigs. Tube Jigs are also great to have in your tackle box come time for the Perch Bite on West O. The red with sparkle are my favorite tube jigs! Continue fishing Templar Lagoon, Buffalo Run, The Grade, Anglers Bay, Canals, Trestle Bridge & the Harbor. No spot is “hotter” than the other. We try to give you the info, we appreciate you stopping in for bait & tackle.

WE CLEAN FISH * All fish are vacuum sealed
.35 Panfish
.35 Bullheads * Skinned not filleted
3.00 Northern Pike *Y-Bones are taken out
1.00 Walleye




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