04.25.14 Day of the Bullhead

By April 26, 2014 Fishing Report

Thane & Kyle cleaned over 100 Bullheads today caught off Big Spirit Lake, “The Grade” What made the bite HOT – Kabele’s “No Swallow Hooks”.99 cents AND Night Crawlers $3.00/dozen. Stop in for more info on exact spots!

No Crappies in to clean today – BOO 🙁 No practice for me ((yes, I have started practicing!!!)) so if you had luck on them, send us a pic at A bucket of Bluegills in off West Lake, continue using the tackle we have posted in our previous posts ~ R.C. Hair Jigs Black, Yellow… pretty much your choice in color $1.29-$1.39 Each Wax worm or wiggler on the jig. Some are using Black, Green, White/Hot Pink Ratso’s & others R.C. Tube Jigs .49 cents each. Plenty in stock!

Register for WALLEYE WEEKEND in our store! $25.00 Entry Fee & $15.00 Extended Contest. Cash or Check. Must be entered by Midnight Friday Night. Walleye Season Opens at Midnight on the Iowa Great Lakes! Kabele’s will OPEN 7 a.m. Friday & WILL NOT CLOSE until 8 p.m. Sunday! OPEN ALL WEEKEND! We are an official weigh station & will have a Catch/Release Tank. We will also have all the stats of fish brought into our shop ~ FREE DONUTS & COFFEE starting @ 4p.m. on Friday. FREE GIFT w/ every registration Friday at Kabele’s. $32,000 Tagged Walleyes!









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