04.18.14 Windy & Chilly Spring Fishing

By April 19, 2014 Fishing Report

Thane & I spent some time in the West Okoboji Canals this afternoon. Very windy & chilly making todays crappie/bluegill fishing difficult. A few guys fishing down there today, overall said fishing earlier in the week was better than today overall. A lot of guys using R.C. Tube Jigs, Ratsos, & R.C. Panfish Hair Jigs with wigglers or wax worms w/ a bobber. Here is a pic of what I was using ~ R.C. Hair Jig in “Bumble Bee” in 1/64oz. It is now my NEW FAV color lil panfish hair jig, black, hot pink, lime green! YES! Thane was using a Custom Jigs & Spins Black Ratso sz. 8. What we are noticing IS THIS – the Crappies are much bigger size wise coming off of Big Spirit Lake. Less #’s, better size. At Buffalo Run, it seems like there it is ‘feast or famin’, an entire school or none at all & just being at the right time. With the warmer temps expected the next few days the fishing will pickup. Our next Crappie adventure will be up on B. Spirit! Hope to see you in the shop tomm!







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