B Fishn Tackle Pulse R Paddle Tail and Moxi Tail


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“The new 3.0 Moxie, which is 3″ long, and the new 2.45 Pulse-R, which comes in at 2.45″, will fill a demand our customers have been sharing with us since the first Authent-X plastics were released 3 years ago” says Bob Gillispie, owner of B FISH N Tackle Co. On the river and in stained water the larger sized Moxie and Pulse-R has been a dynamite big-fish producer and our customers were telling us that a slightly smaller offering would be just the ticket in lakes, clear water or any time the fish were in a more lethargic mood.

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Gold Cracker Chartreuse, Dark Night, Firecracker, Firecracker Chartreuse Tail, Pink White, Purple Cracker Chartreuse Tail, Great White, Oyster Shell


Pulse R Paddle Tail – (8 Pack) 2.45", Moxi – (8 Pack) 3"


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